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OK Auto 4WD & Tire. The Northeast’s Premier 4×4 & Off-Road Outfitter.

Posted by on January 31, 2015

When it came time to order and install the AEV 3.5″ Dual Sport SC suspension, AEV Rear Bumper-Carrier and related components on my 2012 JKUR, I knew OK Auto 4WD & Tire was getting my business!  It wasn’t even a question.  Honestly, I didn’t even price the parts, or job, anywhere else.  After all, OK Auto 4WD & Tire is one AEV’s Premier North American dealers, NJ’s only Authorized AEV parts distributor, and the Northeast’s premier 4×4 & Off-Road Outfitter!!  

So, if you’re located in New York City, New Jersey, Eastern PA, Southern NY, or anywhere in between, and need anything at all for your 4×4 and off-Road machine,  or light truck, you gotta check ’em out!!



OK Auto 4WD & Tire has Long-Standing Expertise, a Formal Commitment to Quality & the Highest Level of Professionalism.

Opened by Jim in 1979, and in business for the 35 years since, OK Auto 4WD & Tire employs all ASE Certified Technicians, and Master Technicians.  In fact, OK Auto 4WD & Tire is ‘ASE Blue Seal of Excellence’ Certified, which recognizes a formal commitment to recruiting the best employees, supporting on-going training, and insisting on using the best equipment.  I’ll spare you the  the details of the many tests and years of real-World, hands-on experience required to obtain these levels of certification.  Just realize these guys are some of the Best of the Best.

Honestly, I don’t know of any other 4×4, Off-Road and Light Truck shops that share the ‘ASE Blue Seal of Excellence’  distinction.  I searched ASE’s Blue Seal Shop Locator, and though I saw OK Auto, 4WD & Tire clearly listed, I didn’t find another 4×4, Off-Road and Light Truck specific shop on the list within 150 miles of my zip.  Even OK Auto 4WD & Tire’s Sales Staff is comprised of ASE Certified Technicians and ASE Master Technicians.

This is very important because it gives us confidence as customers that:

  1. The job will get done right, the first time, and that
  2. The Sales Staff won’t make the all-to-common mistake of selling you parts that won’t work on your vehicle, or that don’t work together (like selling you a High Steer kit with a 2.5″ lift), or that you don’t need, or that are flat-out wrong.  These guys know our vehicles, know how they work,  understand the application, and appreciate that we actually intend to use this stuff.

Bottom Line: Whether you talk to someone in the shop, on the retail floor, or behind the sales counter, the folks at OK Auto 4WD & Tire are true experts in the 4×4, off-road and light truck field.  Recommending, selling and installing 4×4, off-road and light truck accessories is how these guys make their living, day-in and day-out.  It’s not a side show.  It’s not part-time.  It’s not something they do once in a while.  For many of them, it’s also a lifestyle, a passion, and what they do with their own, personal vehicles.


OK Auto 4WD & Tire’s Niche Business & Specialties.

OK Auto 4WD & Tire focuses on building highly-functional, highly-capable, modern 4×4’s, used as daily-drivers, weekend-warriors and work trucks.  The staff clearly has the skills and experience to build anything you want, and while older CJ’s, Early Broncos, Land Cruisers and Scouts aren’t an uncommon site, you’re much more likely to see Jeep TJs, JK’s and late model pickup trucks being worked on.




OK Auto 4WD & Tire’s business is primarily comprised of:

  1. Specialized Driveline Work, including gearing changes, locker installs, axle upgrades, & driveshaft modifications.
  2. Suspension System Installs, complete with wheels, tires, the necessary alignment, and related components, like exhaust mods.

While that’s the bulk of their work, it’s by no means all of it.  OK Auto 4WD & Tire sells and installs bumpers, tire carriers, skid plates, body protection & armor, fender flares, winches,  electronic accessories, like SPODs & lighting upgrades, and anything else you need to outfit your vehicle for a few hours on the the trails, or a cross-country overland expedition.  They also do maintenance.  Then there’s the snow removal & spreader business.  Yup, OK Auto 4WD & Tire gets even busier when the white stuff starts flying. 


The OK Auto 4WD & Tire Facility.  

To call this place a shop, or a store just doesn’t do it justice!  It’s to the Off-Road & Light Truck scene what Cabela’s is to the Outdoor’s scene.  It’s a destination in and of itself.


Overall, from the moment you pull into the parking lot and walk through the doors, you’re struck by just how clean, well organized, professional and upscale this place is.  Sure, posters, pictures of Jeeps, stickers, banners, formal certification plaques, catalogues, magazines and the requisite automotive calendar are found throughout, but they’re all tastefully done, and G-rated.  Unlike other shops and garages I’ve been to, the 22,000 square foot OK Auto 4WD & Tire facility is a place you can comfortably bring the entire family – so long as they’re well behaved! lol

The Heavy-Lifting Section of the Facility:

OKGarageDoorsThe shop consists of 7 in-ground lifts, one dedicated to wheel alignments (alignments are done in-house),  high ceilings, extra tall garage doors, and a tire mounting & balancing area.  Of course, all the tool chests, air compressors, floor jacks and other things you’d expect to find in a modern, working garage are there too.  Yet, it doesn’t feel at all cramped.  There’s plenty of room to safely walk around and work.  Did I mention how well organized, well run, and clean the shop is?!

The Retail Showroom, andOK Auto 4WD & Tire’s Philosophy on Products:

OKcOUNTERTo say the 6,000 square foot showroom is impressive is an understatement.  There’s lots of products on display, in all kinds of creative ways, including a floor-to-ceiling tire carousel that handles 120 tires – so don’t forget to look up, down, and sideways for OKRetailaccessories, lights, wheels, tires, axles, truss kits, air compressors, winches, bumpers, skid-plates, cargo racks and roof top tents, trailer hitches, batteries, hardware, car care products, and even an old CJ-5, setup for plowing, ready for camping and decorated for Christmas.  (At least that’s what was on the floor on my most recent visit.  They do switch it up from time to time.)  It’s all right there, out in the open, true to life.  Not only is it a better way to see products than trying to buy from a catalog, but it kinda makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.


By now you should be picking up on some common themes. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the products OK Auto 4WD & Tire recommends, stocks, sells, and installs are also high-class, first-rate, professional, best of breed.   Their product inventory reads like the ‘Who’s-Who‘ of the Off-Road Industry: American Expedition Vehicles, ARB, BDSSPODWarn, JW Speaker, Baja Designs, Vision X, Rigid, Hi-Lift, Bubba Rope, Rhino- Rack, ExtremeOutback, ViairJames Baroud, Pelican.

Yeah, that’s the stuff.  No messing’ around here!  These products are just going to work when you need them to, whether that’s to get you further down the trail, or to get you back home in one piece!     

In keeping with the Outfitter theme, OK Auto 4WD & Tire also stocks a nice collection of knives and outdoor tools from top-manufacturers like Benchmade and SOG.  So, whether you need something for your Jeep, or for your next trip into the Great Outdoors, stop in, give a call, or check ’em out online.  If they don’t already have it in stock, I’m sure they can get it quickly – unless it’s a product they just don’t sell.  In which case, they’ll be happy to provide you with better alternatives.

Using best of breed, top of the line products is a well established, proven formula for success.

There’s even a ‘Customer Waiting’ area:

If you happen to make it past the isles of off-road goodness, or just need to give your wallet a break, there’s a customer waiting area, complete with TV, complimentary coffee & water, vending machines, off-road magazines, product brochures, and comfy seats.  (Just watch out for the massage chair…lol)  It’s a nice little space to hang out, talk to fellow enthusiasts, or maybe even get some work done while you wait.

OK Auto 4WD & Tire’s Outdoor Space & 4X4 Playground:

No doubt, part of what makes OK Auto 4WD & Tire a destination is their outdoor space, the centerpiece of which is a playground for 4×4’s.   Some dirt mounds, a rock garden and part-boulder, part-concrete man-made mountain allow customers to test vehicle capability and driver skill.  It’s a great way to test out and stretch the legs on your new vehicle mods.  Of course, time permitting, the OK Auto 4WD & Tire staff will gladly spot you.  The obstacles are usually open to customers, especially during  events, but best to check-in before you lock it into ‘4-Lo’ and start crawling.

Sponsored events are another thing that make OK Auto 4WD & Tire a destination, like Truckfest, they typically go all-out for their customers.  In addition to great people, and all kinds of cool 4×4’s, you can generally expect food, drink, music, vendors and sales.  Keep checking their Event Calendar, but if you haven’t yet attended one of their sponsored events, you need to!



My experience with OK Auto 4WD & Tire was in a word fantastic, but you’ll have to wait for the next post for those details…


So, There Ya Have It.  Let OK Auto 4WD & Tire Outfit Your 4X4 for Your Next Adventure!! OK Auto 4WD & Tire has Best-of-Breed staff, skills, know-how and  products to build whatever you need, whether that be battling the everyday commute in the urban jungle, or some type of epic “Border to Border” adventure of a lifetime…  Yeah, OK Auto 4WD and Tire had something to do with the build for the show!  


Check ’em out here OK Auto 4WD & Tire, and please tell ’em I sent ya!


Wheel Safe. Wheel Smart.  Have Fun.  Hope to see you on out on the trails.


Copyright The Off Road Reference 2015