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Off Roading, Why Off-Roading?

Posted by on January 14, 2012

Off Roading? Why Off Roading?  So many reasons!

The Great Outdoors. Breathtaking Scenery.  Fresh Air.  Wildlife. Getting away from the crowds.  Taking the road less traveled.

The Adrenaline Rush. The Physical and Mental challenges.  The Personal Satisfaction of Accomplishment.  The chance to learn about your self, and your machine by pushing the limits.  Goosebumps at 3mph.

The ability to get away from the job, to unplug from computers, cell phones and the electronic glow of televisions, video games, iPhones, iPads and Anroid devices.  The pure fun and excitement of it.

Camaraderie. Family & Friends. Lifelong Memories.


If you’ve ever stepped off the beatin’ path or pushed yourself to do something extraordinary, and been rewarded with the sense of personal satisfaction, you already know the feeling.  Maybe it was zip-lining in Costa Rica, taking one of those hikes in ‘The Ultimate Guide” to Maui or Kauai, conquering Half Dome, the Grand Canyon or climbing the Golden Gate Bridge.  If you’ve ever done anything like that and thought it was great, you get the idea.  Now imagine being able to get that feeling close to home, and on a somewhat regular basis as opposed to on that once in a blue moon adventure.

You can make it anything you want from entry level and basic to the extreme.  It’s something you can do with family and friends, young or old.