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Bronco Fame and Fortune!

Posted by on August 31, 2015



A couple weeks ago, I got a great surprise when my long-time friend, and fellow wheeler, Mike D, texted to ask if I knew I was in Bronco Driver magazine, issue 65.  Then he sent me a picture, and brought me the rag to boot!  Sure enough, I’m in three different pictures.








 I gotta tell ya, I’m honored and stoked to make the magazine! (and I’m sure my buddy Randy is too!)  So, that’s the fame!

Ok, then, what’s the fortune?  No, it’s not what I’ve invested in the rig, though that’s not an entirely bad guess.  The fortune is being lucky enough to have one of these great, classic vehicles and to be able to get it out there on the trails with such great folks.

I mean, these days, as we approach the Ford Bronco’s 50th Anniversary there’s probably one Early Bronco, in any shape, for every four-thousand Jeep Wranglers on the road.  That right there – the rarity – makes it cool, to say nothing of their timeless look, and fantastic wheeling abilities.

Anyway, in case you missed it, here’s my coverage of last year’s 2014 MEB Bronco RoundUp.  If you’re into Ford Broncos and live just about anywhere on the East Coast, or Tennessee, California or Oklahoma for that matter, the annual MEB RoundUp is a MUST ATTEND event!!


Likewise, if you’re into Ford Broncos, and live anywhere in World, Bronco Driver Magazine is a MUST READ.  You’ll find reader’s rides, great products, feature rigs, event coverage and technical tips, tricks and ‘How-to’s’ in every issue.  In short, it’s full of value-added info you’re sure to need if you drive or spin wrenches on one of these old steeds.  It’s a great magazine, put on for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, that celebrates our passion for the Ford Bronco.


Wheel Safe. Wheel Smart.  Have Fun.  Hope to see you on out on the trails.


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