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Brand Loyalty – All in Good Fun!

Posted by on February 24, 2012

Ford vs Chevy vs Jeep vs Toyota vs Nissan vs Suzuki vs anything else out there. 

It’s great to be proud of your vehicle and show that sense of pride.  It’s great to have a strong sense of brand loyalty.  Good natured, brand based ribbing and ball busting amongst friends is totally fun – it is expected – especially when you get pulled out of a jam by any other type of vehicle.


Just don’t get too wrapped around the axle about it.  Don’t take it too seriously.  Don’t have an attitude about it with people you’ve just met, and especially not with new wheelers.  Nothing shows off your own inexperience and ignorance more than waxing on about how if it isn’t brand X, or even model J within brand X, it cant wheel, or doesn’t  belong off pavement.  As any seasoned wheeler knows, with enough money, time, hard work or some combination of the three, just about anything can be made into a great wheeler.  Just like any seasoned wheeler knows that driver ability, skill and experience always trumps vehicle make and model.


While 99.9% of fellow off-road enthusiasts I’ve ever encountered are great, I have unfortunately run into those very few snobs or elitists.  On one occasion, my Dad and I attended a local, vendor sponsored “Truckfest” and were talking to a few members of a local Jeep club.  One of the members of this club, who had previously been very vocal in the conversation abruptly stopped talking to us the second he learned we didn’t also drive a Jeep.  It was like we suddenly turned into the enemy, or had somehow wronged him personally.  Its unfortunate how that one @$$hole still sticks out in our minds, and almost tarnished an otherwise great experience.  So, don’t be that guy, especially not with anyone you are trying to introduce into the sport.


A cool truck or Jeep is a cool truck or Jeep!  Yes, even the “Mall-Crawlers”!  No, you don’t always have to like, or even agree with everyone else’s choice of rig, mods, theme or build, but there is something to be said for the time, effort, hard work and money put into just about all modified rigs.  In one way or another, they all support our cause, positively promote our activity and bring awareness.  There are also far too few of us four-wheelers or off-roaders, and far to many “haters” who know nothing about what we do except that they want to shut us down.  So let’s not fight amongst ourselves.  Hell, my Ford has some Chevy parts, some Jeep accessories and some generic, not brand specific aftermarket stuff.  A cool truck is a cool truck…


So, Ford vs Chevy vs Jeep vs Toyota vs Nissan vs Suzuki vs anything else out there?!?!  It’s a bit like blondes, brunettes or redheads… I say love ’em all!!! 😉