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Welcome to, The Off-Road Reference!  What is it? Who is it For?

This is your roadmap into the exciting, challenging and rewarding World of Off-Road Motorsports.  This site is created for knowledge sharing and learning.  It is currenlty geared primarily towards someone just getting into the activity or that wants to get the acitivity, young or old, and for that person’s family and friends.

Our goals are to give you a better appreciation and respect for the activity, to peak interest, and to help ensure that if you do decide to hit the trail, it is an extremely positive and enjoyable experience.

What can you expect from The Off-Road Reference?  For starters, we’ll talk about the wide spectrum of off road motorsports and give you a high level understanding of each.  Then we’ll dive into more specific topics to help you figure out how exaclty to get involved, where to start, rig selection, important gear & equipment, where to wheel, what to take, and how to do it all correctly.

Thanks for checking us out.  Sit back & enjoy the ride!

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