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2016 Marks A Few Special 50th Anniversaries

Posted by on January 31, 2016

Well, we’re somehow already one full month into 2016, and while I’m not entirely sure how the last 31 days went by so quickly, I do know it was a blast, and I hope your 20-16 is off to a great start as well!

So, I start dreading taxes, generally trying to buckle down a bit more, and throwing some things on the calendar, I realized that some of the major off road events I’d like to attend in 2016 are not just major events, but major milestones!


2016 Marks the 50th Anniversary of the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.  Great people.  Amazing vehicles.  Vendor Showcases.  Huge Giveaways.  A full week of spending time in the great outdoors on trails for all levels, and some of the best, most breathtaking scenery this great country has to offer.  If you got that Jeep and Off-Road thing, EJS is definitely a Bucket List trip!  I’ve been told by those who know, your first time probably won’t be your last.  Find out more at the Red Rock 4-Wheelers site.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.21.28 AM

Image courtesy of Red Rock 4-Wheelers

2016 Marks the 50th Anniversary of the Venerable Ford Bronco, arguably one of the coolest, and best 4x4s ever made.  Stock V8 power, stout solid axles, great suspension design, tons of aftermarket support, sized just right for the trails, and a cult-like following!  While they are getting harder to find, there’s no denying they are a great platform for the perfect 4×4.  I know my buddies at the Mid-Atlantic Early Broncos Club have a bunch of great events planned, including this year’s MEB RoundUp.  Find out more on the MEB site.  If you like Broncos, you gotta check this out.


Here’s a 1966 style Ford Bronco in stock, uncut form. It doesn’t look like much by today’s standards, but it turned the SUV World on it’s lid when introduced to compete against the Jeep CJ-5 and International Harvester Scout.



…and here’s a modernized Bronco. Thanks to 50 years of support and innovation, the Early, or Classic Ford Bronco, can be turned into extremely reliable, unstoppable machines, capable of taking you from coast to coast, while conquering the toughest trails, and looking great doing it!


Finally, 2016 also marks my Parents’ 50th Anniversary!

Congratulations, and Thank you!  So Much!  For everything!!  I know that trail hasn’t always been easy, but it’s a major milestone not many hit anymore.  Your family is extremely proud of you for it, and you should be proud of yourselves.  I’m especially grateful for all of the love and support you’ve always given me, in everything I’ve done, which certainly includes the encouragement, patience, countless hours, a few minor injuries, and the general ups-and-downs that come with the things I’ve always loved, and have luckily been able to enjoy throughout my life.  Things like Uncle John’s mini-bike, a Honda ATC-70, and then Kawasaki 185 3-wheeler, a Quadracer 250, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and more than a few 4x4s.  As I think back through life, some of my best, and happiest times have been out in the dirt or in the woods, enjoying motorsports with you, as well as other family and friends!  Here’s to another 50 Years!


Wheel Safe. Wheel Smart.  Have Fun.  Hope to see you on out on the trails.


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